Puran Utilities

Puran Utilities 3.1

Utilities Suite to enhance privacy and system performance

Puran Utilities is a software suite intended to help you get the most of your computer. Judging from the number of different tools that this suite comprises, it may be among the most versatile of its kind. Fortunately, you can schedule batches of tasks using Maintenance Wizard, which is also part of this software package. This helps you avoid the annoying procedure of running a series of tests one at a time.

Usually the type of optimization that most contributes to enhancing computer speed and stability is cleaning the registry from errors and fragmentation. Luckily, there are two utilities, called Registry Cleaner and Registry Defrag, that can do that. Moreover, its uninstaller can remove those applications you no longer need, without any leftovers.

Reducing boot time is also an objective of this suite. This can easily be done by managing startup items in a way that only those that are absolutely necessary start along with the system. Similarly, you can reduce memory use by stopping unneeded processes. For this purpose, the suite includes two utilities, called Minimal PC and Service Manager.

There are various utilities to optimize data retrieval from your disks. Puran Disk Cleaner, for instance, can find junk and temporary files resulting from system use and web browsing. Duplicate File Finder, in turn, can scan your disks to find and delete repeated files. There is another tool to eliminate empty folders as well. Yet, the most important of these disk utilities is Puran Defrag, which can organize disk contents to optimize data reading and writing.

Luckily, the suite can also have an impact on your privacy. Thus, besides erasing navigation history, it can delete files permanently or even wipe an entire hard disk beyond any data recovery. By the way, there are also utilities to rescue data from both hard disks and optical storage media. Likewise, it is also possible to use this software to fix physical errors on your disks.

All in all, Puran Utilities has the main advantage of allowing users to access various features from a single application. In this respect, other utilities that deserve mentioning are a file splitter, an invalid shortcut fixer and a shutdown time scheduler. Unfortunately, it does not do anything that cannot be done with other tools.

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  • It groups various utilities with an impact on various system areas
  • It allows running batches of scans
  • It can optimize and defragment your registry
  • It can protect your privacy
  • It can help you recover data
  • It helps use disk space more efficiently
  • It can optimize memory and processor usage


  • It does not have any unique feature
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